February 4, 2019


Canberra – 01 June 2021: Cingulan Space is collaborating with the ARC Centre for Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites at the Australian National University (ANU) to demonstrate world leading advanced manufacturing capability for the global Space, Aerospace and Defence sectors. A recently completed project utilised a world-first robotic dual-head laser tape placement system (AFPT GmbH), based at the ANU Mt Stromlo campus, to prototype advanced carbon composite structures for ground-based tracking applications.

Cingulan Space CTO Joe Winter (left) at the robotic carbon composite tape placement manufacturing cell with (from left to right) senior researcher Dr Chris Stokes-Griffin, Rita Tri (Honours student) and Cingulan Space CEO Keith Rosario.

Cingulan Space’s CTO Joe Winter said “This activity is a great example of Australian sovereign industry and researchers working together to build world-class Industry 4.0 capability and product potential.” Cingulan Space will continue to collaborate with the Centre lead, Professor Paul Compston, and senior researchers Dr Chris Stokes-Griffin and Dr Peter Kreider, to leverage the strength, thermal and light-weight benefits of carbon-fibre composites for Space sector applications.

Australia – 24 July 2019: Cingulan Space has proudly commissioned its Western Australian (WA) satellite tracking station, making it the first company to achieve east-coast and west-coast Space 2.0 Ground Segment As-a-Service in Australia.

Cingulan’s newest satellite tracking station is in the south-west of WA near Wagin, strategically located for the best access in WA for inclined and polar satellite orbits. Combined with our Yass station we can now offer wide access to satellites orbiting across the whole of Australia and the surrounding wider land and sea regions.

We thank our current and welcome our new customers!

Australia – 01 February 2019: Cingulan Space proudly marked 6 months of successful operations of its Ground Segment As-a-Service delivering satellite TT&C and data downlink to the Space 2.0 sector.

Our philosophy of solid technical support and fostering a strong customer relationship underpins our current service from our Yass station in the Canberra Region of Australia. Cingulan Space’s deep technical expertise also enabled the delivery of valuable engineering and test support to customers.

This is a great milestone and a first for an Australian Ground Segment As a Service provider. We thank our customers for the opportunity to service their needs and look forward to continuing to deliver excellence and innovation in GSaaS.


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